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BLUB is a brand which offers a set of lubricants and sealants that allow you to pedal and keep your bike under perfect conditions. "

Bicycle lovers. Enthusiasts and professionals in this sector. Enjoying each ride as if it was the last one. We hate to rest.

No matter where you go or with whom, if you use the bicycle to commute or to run a little race with your friends, or even just to enjoy a small ride with your family. No matter what use you give, the bicycle is pure fun, it is our passion. So, there is no better way to departure from the routine and give intense emotions to your life than pedaling.

This is how BLUB started. Pedaling every single day with no stop, realizing how important is to have an excellent and constant bicycle care.

Lubricants for bicycle lovers


One of the main reasons why BLUB exists is because of our ecological products, always respecting the environment and not having negative impact to any living being. Taking care of everything that surrounds us is a fundamental task to be able to keep pedaling in the best conditions and enjoying the mountain at the highest level.

Blub's future

In BLUB team we are working to launch new products with different properties and uses. We always want to improve. Enjoy and make everyone enjoy is our goal. And, above all, always pedaling at the service of all cyclists.

Do you want to be a distributor of our bicyle lubricants?
Get in contact with us.

Do you want to be a distributor of our bicyle lubricants? Get in contact with us.