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BLUB bicycle lubricants

Friction level and transmission sound reduction

BLUB offers a set of lubricants that allow you to pedal in any condition with maximum efficiency. Ensures a perfect performance in the power transmission, facilitating the transition between sprockets and chainrings and preventing their degradation. After several tests in our laboratories, collaborating with IK4 TEKCNIKER and Doctor Theo Schmid, our chemical specialist worldwide, we came up with the best formulas, which were later tested by our best riders.

The inventor - Dr. Theo Schmid

From R+D BLUB department, I would like to introduce, on behalf of the entire team, the new BLUB products, with subliminal quality and results. We have invested many hours in research and development to be able to come up with unique and unequaled formulas in the market.

The project started with very specific objectives, with plenty of ambition and a super precise testing research in order to achieve a premium quality. We were sure that if we really wanted to be a reference in the market, we had to improve what nowadays already exists.

BLUB has a catalog of high performance products, which after testing them countless times in different conditions and applications by professional cyclists, we realized that we had given with the key. We had obtained super technical products with unbeatable results.

BLUB bicycle lubricants

Our wax lubricant: Friction level vs sound level

Our wax lubricant is in an unsurpassable situation. This is a clear example of our products efficiency, presenting a low friction levels , reducing up to 1.5 W the average of the competence and presenting a sound level (decibels) very suitable, which shows that our wax lubricant is in a high quality line.

Chain wear level and dirtiness adhesion

Once we had achieved the main goal: reduce the friction level and the transmission sound, another goal was on the way with the same enthusiasm.
We do believe that sand or other substances that are adhered to the chain not only make riders slow down, but also shorten the transmission life; pulley, wheels, chainrings and chains. Therefore, we consider that extending the transmission life is essential to obtain an unbeatable product. After many investigations and tests carried out , we managed to greatly reduce the dirtiness adhesion level. And also lengthen the chain life average up to 1.6 times more than other lubes.

BLUB bicycle lubricants

Why are we so confident with our product?

Personally, as a BLUB chemical department leader, we can proudly say that everything we mention about the results of our products has been chemically and scientifically tested in our laboratories. The BLUB efficiency is 100% proven in our " test data "and the derived results show that Blub has an efficiency level above the market average.

We have developed all the machinery only and exclusively for BLUB to test everything, from chains and lubricants of our competence to bearings and pulley change wheels. In this way, the friction reduction could be subsequently checked and verified quantitatively and qualitatively by our labs. Our test equipment is accurate to WATT 1/1000th. In the bicycle transmission, when all these power control factors are studied and verified, a very positive gain in efficiency is obtained. For our team, nothing is insignificant, we believe that the small details are the most fundamental ones to make the difference. Experimenting in the laboratory and having a test lately on road and mountain is the basis to succeed and achieve an excellent performance.