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Lubricant bikes in dry conditions Wax lubricant for bikes
Bicycle lubricant for dry conditions
Wax lube lubricant Wax based lubricant for bikes


The new trend. An ultimate and unique chain lubricant that contains waxes and water in emulsion.

  • BLUB wax based goes on wet and sets up a dry and strong wax film. It is applied with the chain perfectly clean and has very low attraction to dirtiness.
  • Ideal lube for dry and dusty conditions in mountain rides and dry conditions on road rides.
  • Does not contain oil or grease. It is 100% biodegradable. Without harmful solvents.
  • Prolongs and protects the transmission life.
  • Resists low and high temperatures without affecting performance.
  • Saves watts thanks to low friction between the transmission elements by creating a thin wax film between all the parts in contact and making them flow without stress.
  • Reduces noise and prevents chain wear.